More than just a vacation

The blog I chose stood out to me because of the title, “9 Reasons to Volunteer on Your Trip”. It especially stood out to me because a representative from the Service Learning Center at UO recently came into one of my classes to discuss the many volunteer opportunities offered through the university. For the past few months I have been particularly antsy to travel. A lot of my friends are currently traveling abroad at places like Greece, South Africa, and Spain. Then when our class learned about the Service Learning Program, I realized all the cool things I could be doing while traveling too. The blogger points out many reasons that enforce my desire to take a volunteering trip. Getting involved in the local community is a huge part of why volunteering would be a great option. You get more opportunities than you would just traveling normally because you would get to experience the actual community rather than a more touristy area. Making friends is another huge compeller for me. The people I know who have volunteered internationally have made lifelong friends and connections with people all over the world. There would be nothing cooler to me than knowing people from all areas and having a place to stay whenever you wanted to go back. Lastly, I think it is so important to become more socially conscious. Many people don’t realize how lucky they truly are, I know that I take it for granted sometimes. Traveling and volunteering would really put your priorities in order and I believe would make anyone a better person. With the enthusiasm I felt from reading this blog and with the help of the opportunities available to me, I know that my next big trip will be volunteering internationally. What better way to travel then to experience a new place while getting to help others at the same time.


~ by mccaule2 on April 4, 2010.

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