Human Becomings

The point in the reading that I made a connection with was in saying that man does not simply exist as a being, but that we more exist as a becoming. There are always going to be factors in life that our outside our control, but ultimately we are working with ourselves to achieve fulfillment. Setting the outside factors aside, we determine our relationship to the outside world. By doing so, we are in the process of finding ourselves and are also in the process of working towards fulfillment.  Thinking more about this, it is so true that we are not just living life and going through the motions. This becoming is self-directed, each and every one of us is working towards a fulfilling life, and this makes us a becoming rather than a being.


~ by mccaule2 on April 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Human Becomings”

  1. I would definitely agree with Werkmeister’s idea of becoming and think you bring up a good point. I would go even further and say that the human capacity to find ourselves and our own fulfillment is an important attribute in what separates the human species from the rest of the animal kingdom. Our brains have evolved and developed to the point where we can ask deep introspective questions that provide fulfillment in our lives. In addition, the fact that humans have the capability to even analyze the fact that we analyze our own self-fulfillment and presence of becoming is another strictly human characteristic.

  2. That part of the reading definitely resonated with me as well. I agree with Werkmeister’s ideas about man being defined through their life experiences. Humans have evolved from the animal kingdom in so many ways and the way in which they interact with the environment is just one way humans differ from animals.

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