Paleoanthropsychobiological ideology

Ellen Dissanayake coined the term paleoanthropsychobiological to describe a unique perspective of art. She uses the term to suggest how art includes all of human history, not just the recent time period. It has been around since the early beginnings of time and was just important then as it is now. This perspective has included all human societies rather than just our modern one, its importance is cross-cultural.  Art has many effects, because it is necessary, emotionally and psychologically. Dissanayake’s own personal view it that art is a part of the biological makeup of an individual. It is a normal trait, just as normal as language or anger. Art is so important to humans that it is ingrained in us, just a part of our human nature.

Along with other tendencies common to human nature, such as being sociable, making something special is also a common behavior. Making something special describes making something out of the ordinary, something original to you. It is something that makes us more evolved than animals. Making something special is crucial to the beginning of the behavior of art. Intentionally making something special whether they believe it is art or not, usually results in something artistic. It helps us as humans grow, making special helps us to make art.


~ by mccaule2 on April 13, 2010.

One Response to “Paleoanthropsychobiological ideology”

  1. I must say I like your post. I think it is so true that art is necessary emotionally and psychologically. I believe that art is just as important today as it was in historical societies for the reason that art seems to be present in everything! Our environment, our food, our possessions, and the list goes on. Just as you said, it is ingrained in us, it is what makes up our identity.

    Another point that you touched on that really rang true, was the fact that art contributes to human growth. To create something that is meaningful, useful, or aesthetically pleasing to you is a form of accomplishment, and is in one way or another, a piece of art, a creating piece. Personal accomplishment enables individuals to grow, transform, and discover what is important to them.

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