People Watching

Person 1: The first person I picked out was an older male. He was wearing a blue collared shirt and red tie with a tan suit jacket over it. On the bottom, he wore black slacks and nice dress shoes. He was wearing glasses, had a beard and was carrying a briefcase.  Because of the formal way he is dressed, I feel like he probably values hard work, and takes his job seriously. Walking around this college campus, he looks like he could be a college professor. I feel like most people of his age and possibly status dress nice and conservative. Because of how he is dressed, I would assume that he is from a traditional home where emphasis was put on dressing nice in order to reflect who you are. He seemed like a very wise man, probably because he was wearing glasses and carrying a suitcase. I feel like in our society, people with glasses such as the ones he was wearing make them seem esteemed. The way that I assumed he was a college professor says a lot about how I was brought up. The way you dressed reflected you as a person as well as your family so you wanted to dress nice. Men who were successful and smart were supposed to wear what the man I saw today was wearing. Where I grew up, that look was very valued, so that is why I think of him in a high position of power.

Person 2: The next person I picked out was a young male. He was wearing sweatpants, a baggy sweatshirt, and athletic shoes. He was carrying a black backpack with a yellow O on it. I feel like health, sports, and a team mentality is probably very important to him. In my opinion, sports are probably his priority for the moment, over school and other things. I am assuming he was an athlete because a backpack with a yellow O is associated with athletes as well as that style of dress. Because of his athletic way of dress, I would assume that he is very healthy and probably puts most of his time into sports. Because of the values and beliefs I have learned over my lifetime, I can’t help but make the assumption that he doesn’t need to work very hard at anything other than sports. Especially living in Eugene, athletes are treated like royalty, and I have always grown up hearing that teachers let them off easy, they don’t always do the work that every other student has to do. My values and beliefs cause me to have more negative assumptions then I normally would.

Person 3: The last person I chose to focus on was a younger female. She was wearing quite a bit of makeup, her dyed blond hair was done up, she was wearing tighter  designer jeans, flip flops, and a juicy jacket unzipped with a tank top underneath. She also had a nose piercing. I would assume that looks are important to her. I feel like she took a lot of time getting ready because dress is probably one of her values. As far as emotional condition, I would assume one of two things. She is either very confident or has low self-esteem. I feel like she is healthy, and that staying fit is another one of her values. I would also assume she comes from a wealthier background, because juicy jackets and designer jeans tend to cost a lot of money. I have formulated my beliefs and values about the way a girl should dress from my friends, family, and community I lived in. In my experience, the girls who took a lot of time to get ready were very into their looks, confident leaning towards the cocky side, or they had such low self esteem that they felt they needed to look cute because it was all they had. I understand that these assumptions are not completely accurate or always true, but it is still what comes to mind.


~ by mccaule2 on April 28, 2010.

One Response to “People Watching”

  1. I find it interesting that you assume athletics mean more to someone dressed in athletic clothing. The second person you described could easily be anyone on their way to the gym to play basketball after class or an athlete not in season right now. That being said I think it is easy to categorize all people wearing full oregon apparel as an athlete at our school. The last person you describe seems like someone that spends a lot of time getting ready for class everyday and cares a lot about what she looks like. I do not agree that all girls that take time getting ready everyday are cocky however though. Some just like to use their clothing to express what they value, and just because they care about what they look like doesn’t mean they have low self esteem.

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