Artist Reflection

For this assignment, I went to the museum on campus, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. I went to the upstairs gallery where there were tons of black and white photos covering the walls. I chose to write about the one that really caught my eye.

Before looking at the title of the piece, I simply looked at the picture. It is a photograph of two well-dressed men in suits holding back what looks like a nicely dressed African American woman. She has long curly hair and is wearing a long coat, stockings, and heels. Looking at the photo, you can see that something is not what it seems. Then you read the title, Man Disguised as Girl Arrested.  This piece is black and white and has a dark edge to it. I would assume that the man who took the photo was a bit ahead of his time if he was taking pictures of cross-dressers. This photo is simple, yet unique. It would seem that the photographer could work for a newspaper or something along those lines since the photograph depicts what looks like a real event.

After looking at the piece, I found a post about the artist on the wall. His name was Arthur Fellig and he went by Weegee the Famous. It said that he found celebrity, crime and criminals ripe sources for his art. He was a candid news photographer who was known for his stark black and white photography and shots that documented street life in New York City. I was surprised at how accurate my initial response was. Looking at more of his shots, they were more or less like the one I discussed. More featured transvestites, some featured celebrities, while others featured circus clowns. He was definitely an original man who liked to depict crime, disasters, and personal tragedy. This piece seems to be as dark as I thought it was.


~ by mccaule2 on June 1, 2010.

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