This portfolio is a compilation of my work from my Arts and Values course. The purpose of this portfolio is to document the progress I have made over the length of the course, display valuable computer skills that I have developed, and demonstrate evidence of meeting course objectives. This portfolio will display my thoughts and beliefs about particular topics of art and give the reader an idea of who I am and how I incorporate art into my everyday life.


Each of the pages in my portolio contains an artificact from a topic of study, a reflection on what I have learned, and how it has helped me to meet the course obectives.

The intended audience for my portfolio is very broad. Mainly it is for my professor, Scott Huette, as well as my fellow classmates in the AAD 250 course. Any other viewers are welcome, especially those who love the arts and are interested in learning more about this course.

The following Table of Contents will help you navigate through my portfolio:

Table of Contents:

Artifact #1– The Nature of Human Values

Artifact #2– What is Art for?

Artifact #3– The Art of Personal Adornment

Artifact #4– The Aesthetics of Horror

Artifact #5– Creative Spirituality

Artifact #6– Art, Technology, and Games

Artifact #7– Remixing Culture

Artifact #8– Censorship and Public Art

Complete Works Cited


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