Artifact #1- The Nature of Human Values

Topic: The Nature of Human Values


Course Objectives :

  -Understand that values are formed from external and internal drives of an individual

  -Explore one’s own value system

Artifact: Life Values Asssessment


For this assignment, we were given  instructions on how to prioritize life values. There was a list of 20 values and we were to rank them in order of importance, taking into special consideration our top 5 values. Next, we were to Blog about those values and connect them to the activities we were involved in that day.

Ordered List of Values:

  1. Personal Development, 2. Family, 3. Integrity, 4. Enjoyment, 5. Health, 6. Personal accomplishment, 7. Friendship, 8. Loyalty, 9. Service, 10. Security, 11. Community, 12. Wisdom, 13. Independence, 14. Leadership, 15. Prestige, 16. Wealth, 17. Power, 18. Creativity, 19. Location, 20. Expertness

Although choosing only 5 values of importance to me that I incorporate into my life on a daily basis was difficult, I believe I chose accurately. My basic activities today included going to the gym, going to class, talking to my parents on the phone, and going to work. Health was my fifth priority on the list but it is very important in my life. Personally, I know that it would be impossible for me to live a happy of fulfilling life if I didn’t feel like I was taking care of my body and my mind. Your mind and body are what is getting you through this life, so you need to take special care of it. I make a point of going to the gym very often because it keeps me in shape and it helps me to handle the stresses of everyday life.

Enjoyment was fourth on my list. Life can’t always be fun and games, but there is no point in living if you aren’t enjoying yourself in the process. Although I do many different activities for my own enjoyment, surprisingly my work is one of them. I work at a daycare center and have a blast doing it. Working with kids is one of my favorite things in the world and brings me happiness. Integrity is third on my list and doesn’t necessarily go along with any one of my activities, but I strive for integrity in everything I do. I am honest in school in that I do not cheat, I stand up for my beliefs when I see something I don’t agree with happening at work or with my friends, and I always try to be moral about the things I am doing.

Family is second on my list because they are so important to me. I am extremely close to my mom and dad and make sure that I call both of them every day, even if it is just to say a quick hello. Being away from them and my home is hard, but calling makes me feel close to them. Personal development is number one on my list because I think that life is all about learning, growing, and bettering ones’ self. Going to class fits into this category. Although it is not the most fun thing sometimes, I do enjoy learning new things and using what I learn to help me grow as a person. I want to challenge myself because I want to be the best possible me that I can be.

I believe that although these beliefs are my own, I have been strongly influenced by my parents, because they want me to reach my full potential and live a happy and fulfilling life. There are many goals that I still wish to achieve, and creating new goals often is part of my personal development. There are always things that stand in my way, but as long as I work my hardest and integrate my value system into my everyday life, I believe that I can accomplish every single one of them.


“The Individual” by Werkmeister discussed how one could define man and the many elements that help shape man’s values. At the beginning of the reading Werkmeister says, ” In fact, man is creative in a special sense, for he must and does create himself, individually and as a species; and in this self-creation he realizes his values” (Werksmeister, P. 4). I find this statement very accurate because as humans, we are constantly re-creating ourselves, and are therefore constantly re-analyzing our values. A year ago, I bet my values list would have been different. A year from now, I believe they would be different as well because our experiences shape us as individuals.

This assignment was initially difficult and I wasn’t sure how I would possibly rank so many imporant values. I forced myself to be completely honest, even if it didn’t make me look good on paper. This was my favorite assignment because it really made me think about myself and what is truly important to me. Looking over my list, I was able to question why those values were important to me, forcing myself to delve deeper. I was able to question where these values came from and what experiences in my life had helped create them. I found that a large amount of my values initially stemmed from external sources, mainly my parents. As I grew up, I was able to shape these values internally. After finishing this assignment, I realized that I am proud of my values. I am able to see that my priorities are in the right places.

Learning goals for the future:

This assignment helped me realize how important it is to assess your values from time to time. I intend to keep this list of values, and periodically make changes to it. By doing this, I feel I will constantly be challenging myself to become a better person.


Werkmeister, W.H. (1967). The Individual in Man and His Values. Ch.1 pp.3-32. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

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