Artifact #5- Creative Spirituality

Topic: Creative Spirituality


Course Objectives:

-Become familiar with ways in which spirituality influences artists

-Discuss the differences between spirituality and religion

-Examine spirituality as a generative force and a well spring for creativity

Artifact: Creative Spirituality Reflection:

For this assignment, we were told to answer the following questions and post them to our Blog.

1. How do you define spirituality?

I have a difficult time defining spirituality because I don’t believe there is a set definition. Spirituality is something recognized on an individual level, therefore it means something different to everyone. For me, spirituality is something we find through self-exploration. It is one’s search for themselves in order to find meaning of themselves and the world around them. It is the development of meanings and values by which people live. In exploring yourself, one’s inner life is developed and you are able create connections with yourself and the world. I believe that through all of this, a person’s wisdom, insights, consciousness, and tolerance will be heightened.

2. Does spirituality differ from religion?

In my opinion, spirituality is completely different from religion. Spirituality is the search for yourself and for meaning through your own terms. Religion is the search for yourself and meaning through God’s terms. Religion is more of an organized system of practices and beliefs designed to bring a person closer to God. While religion is something that happens internally, it is extremely external as well. Community is a huge focus when it comes to religion, whereas spirituality is more about the self. A big difference is that spirituality stems from experience. Religion is something that is easier to be picked up since it stems in acceptance and belief.

3. How do you define creativity?

Creativity is the process of making something new or unique. A huge part of creativity is the ability to use your imagination and think outside the box. To be creative, the idea doesn’t necessarily have to be a new one. You can create something that has already been done, the creativity lies in how you make it your own. By moving past the traditional, or the norm, you are able to put your own spin on it and make something creative.

4. What is the source of creativity?

There are many different sources through which creativity comes about. For some people, creativity comes naturally. The right side of their brain is dominant. It seems to be a basic instinct for some, they just have an urge to take control and create something. I believe that experience has a lot to do with creativity as well as the environment in which you have these experiences. Children who are able to explore their surroundings and let their imaginations run wild are able to nurture this creativity. Children who are forced to follow strict guidelines all the time are not nurturing the creative parts of the brain, and probably won’t know how to be as creative.


I always enjoy the assignments where we get to reflect on our own beliefs, so this was a favorite of mine. Although the topics of religion, spirituality, and creativity are all around me on a daily basis, I haven’t taken the time to think in depth about them or even what they mean to me. Before thinking about this assignment, I always automatically paired spirituality and religion together because they seemed to be very similar. Then when I was forced to define them and list their differences, I realized they were two completely different things. I came up with what I believed to be a lot of huge differences, fulfilling the second goal.

I feel like spirituality has a lot to do with creativity. In my reflection, I talked about how creativity is about making something unique, and using one’s imagination to do so. It is all about making something your own, making it special to you. In this way, I feel that spirituality would have a huge influence on artists. In order to create something special, you have to know what is special to you. You have to know what your values are in life. In making order to make something your own, you have to know who you are. When I defined spirituality, I talked about the self-exploration aspect. Through spirituality, people explore who they are as people, how they connect to the larger world, and become more conscious and insightful about many aspects of the world. I believe that to be a truly great artist, you would have to be in touch with yourself and the world around you in order to be in touch with your art. In discussing the sources of creativity in my reflection, I should have included self-exploration because I do believe it is a generative force for creativity.

Learning goals for the future:

I would like to learn more about spirituality and religion in the future. I went into this assignment without knowing very much about either, so I think it would really benefit me to research each subject. I would also be very interested in talking to others about their beliefs. I could find out how their views differ, and how their experiences have shaped their beliefs. Finding out about people from other countries and their beliefs would also be fascinating because I could see how their culture plays a role in their beliefs. By exploring spirituality more, I would hope to become a more spiritual person. I feel like becoming more in touch with myself would bring me closer to art.

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