Artifact #7- Remixing Culture

Topic: Remixing Culture


Course Objectives:

-Explore the changing nature of copyright in the context of “Remix Culture” and the “Fifth World”

-Examine their own and others values and paradigms of ownership and authorship of cultural media

-Evaluate the meanings of real and fake and examine their intersection with personal and cultural identity and authenticity

Artifact: Remixing Google Image Search:

For this assignment, we were to sit down and think of ten words that we though represented what it means to be an artist. Next, we typed each word into Google Images one by one. For each word we came up with, we were to find an image that stood out in to us. After we retrieved all the pictures, we were to create a collage with at least five of the pictures.


The ideas of authenticity and ownership play a huge role in my life in regards to school. Plagiarism is an issue that is taken very seriously. All my life I have learned to say and do things in my own way and if I absolutely have use someone else’s work, then cite, cite, cite! Originality always seemed to be viewed as the best option.

While doing my Remixing Google Image Search, I wasn’t exactly sure how it related to the reading and discussions. However, I continued working until I had a finished product that I was satisfied with. I was actually very proud of the final product. After looking at it a few times, I realized the significance. Although I created something new, I used other peoples work to do so. While I may have compiled them in a unique formation, each picture that made up my compilation was created by somebody else. It made me question whether I could call this piece my own.

This is the fine line that makes ownership and authorship so questionable in our society. I decided that my collage could be considered a valid piece of art as long as I gave credit to the creators of the images used within it. This assignment made me think about the second objective the most. Through this examination, I realized that something is authentic even if it is rooted from something else. If it is even tweaked in the slightest bit, it is still original and should be treated as so.

While a creation rooted through something else, such as my Google Remix collage, should be respected, I believe that replicas should not. The article, Approaching the Real and the Fake: Living Life in the Fifth World discussed the controversy over real and fake. Ada Louis Huxtable, architecture critic and historian believes that we have lost our sense of reality in our society. The article says, “In her view, we have become so adept at synthesizing and creating surrogates that distinctions between the real and fake are diminishing” (9). I completely agree with this, pretty soon younger generations won’t know the difference between real and fake because the fake world is all around us.

This whole unit made me value creativity. I am still proud of my collage because it was something I put together and created. Had I seen a similar collage before the assignment and tried to replicate it, I couldn’t say that.  

Learning goals for the future:

This assignment really opened my eyes to the world of real and fake. Now that I am more aware, I want to be more critical of the world around me. When I see something, I can evaluate it’s validity and decide if it is something I am interested in. I will value the creativity of others more, and give credit where credit is due. I will be more conscious about the issues of copyright, and hopefully enlighten others on this issue as well.


Congdon, K. G. & Blandy, D. (2001). Approaching the real and the fake: Living life within the fifth world. In Studies in Art Education, 42(3), 266-278.

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